frequent questions

about findPet devices

findPet devices work at any distance.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling to the other side of the world, from there you will have your pet located in real time

2 year european warranty

Yes, FindPet GPS devices are IPX&/IPx7 certified, which guarantees that they can withstand rain or a 30-minute immersion without any problems.

Devices include a magnetic or micro USB charging cable that ends in a USB connection.

The standard 5V charger is not included, but it works with any of the many you may already have

Typically within 2 hours devices are fully charged

about subscriptions

The subscription is necessary to be able to provide an adequate service, and includes the costs of data transmission over the mobile telephone networks, with a flat rate, regardless of the use made of it.

The GPS tracker continuously sends and receives data about the GPS location over the mobile networks in your area, allowing you to track your pet in real time in more than 180 countries around the world. To make this possible, each locator has a built-in SIM card.

The subscription is usually cheaper than if you had to buy a data SIM directly, since findPet can negotiate better prices with mobile operators

Yes, you can go from one type of subscription to another of longer duration without any problem, prorating the proportional part of the existing subscription

about the technologies used

No, it doesn’t matter which mobile operator you have on your smartphone. Each findPet GPS is equipped with its own SIM card, so it operates independently of your phone.

Yes, for the FindPet GPS tracker to work, you need to have mobile coverage in your area.

all findPet GPS devices use two location technologies, GPS satellite location technology (used outdoors), and Wi-Fi technology for indoor location

In relation to the connectivity with the telephone / smartphone, 2G / 3G mobile telephony data transmission technologies are used

No. You do not need any SIM card because the device already includes a SIM card preconfigured for use exclusively from the findPet device.

The costs of data transmission over the mobile phone network are included in the findPet subscription plans

The answer is: practically all of them. We have agreements with 540 operators from 180 countries, which allows us to say that our coverage is global.

For example, in Spain it will use the Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo networks as necessary, thus having greater coverage than any of them separately.

You can check the number of networks available in your country by clicking on the link on our partner’s website emn .

about shipping

Once paid, orders are shipped within 1 day, to which must be added the time required by the carrier, which is usually an additional 3-5 days.

all our shipments leave our warehouses near Madrid or Barcelona

Yes, of course, within the legal period of 14 days