FindPet GPS cats

FindPet GPS locators for cats allow you to know the location of your cat at any time. They are the best way to have total peace of mind that you will never lose it. When you are at work, or traveling, you will always know where you are

You will be able to know its location through its GPS and WiFi location system, it will provide you with a large amount of additional information such as its activity level, location history (positioning it on maps), live location and much more. With FinPet GPS locators for cats you will always have the peace of mind of knowing where and how your cat is.

findPet GPS cat


We have designed FindPet GPS Cats so anyone can use it. The app is really very intuitive and the cat locator is nice and very light. You will be able to see the movements of your cat in real time, know its habits and much more!

GPS positioning

always located
with the best GPS locator
for cats

extremely light

GPS for cats and dogs
-only 20gr.-

Long duration

the duration of the rechargeable battery
can reach the
2-4 days


FindPet GPS meets IP67 standard
30 min under water!

monitor their activity

check if your pet
do the exercise
what do you need

configurable interval

the time between
GPS positioning
it is configurable to choice

virtual fence

you will receive a notice when
your pet leave the
marked area

route history

access all the routes of your
senior year pet

built-in pedometer

daily step count
to know your activity

FindPet's GPS for cats

We have called it "mini" because it is the lightest ( less than 20gr !) and smallest on the market, with the longest battery life in your class. And it adapts to all types of cats with its colorful covers!

findPet GPS mini for cats

39,90  VAT included

FindPet GPS mini GPS locator for cats, with collar included. GPS & WiFi Location and Activity Tracking.

Requires a subscription plan

In stock

findPet GPS mini for cats
FindPet GPS mini locator for cats
  • GPS / WiFi positioning with worldwide coverage
  • The lightest and smallest on the market, only 20gr
  • Exclusive “cool” design
  • Own app “findPet” for Android / IOS
  • Live mode
  • Configurable time between positions
  • Activity Tracking
  • Extra long battery life, between 2 and 4 days (depending on configuration and use)
  • Degree of protection against water IPx7 (30 minutes immersion)
  • Includes silicone sleeve (color to choose), adjustable collar and magnetic charger cable
  • Requires a subscription plan , from € 2.99 / month

FindPet APP

The APP for Android and IOS specially designed for FindPet GPS devices for cats is very intuitive and allows you to have your pet located at any time. Mouse over the various options to preview different screens.

what our clients tell us

Saved my dog

The dog was outside playing, but I realized that he had not moved for 30 minutes. I followed her with...

gives security

My dog Cleo was brought by Santa and great does not come out without it, it gives me incredible security...

It works well

both the GPS device and the app work fine. The battery lasts longer than others I have tried before

now i know where my cat is

Since I bought FindPet for cats I have the peace of mind of knowing where migato is walking. With the...

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