GPS locator for dogs

keep your dog
safe and always located

Finding your dog is very easy

We have designed findPet GPS locators for dogs so that it can be used by anyone. The app is very intuitive and the GPS for dogs are nice and light, with an exceptional battery life. You will be able to see the movements of your dog live, and make sure that he is always located.

virtual fence

Route history

Long duration

You will always have your dog located!

real time location

With the “Live” function you will have your pet fully located in real time. You will know where it is at the moment.

virtual fence

Delimit the areas where you want to keep your dog, either so that it does not leave the area or so that it does not enter, and receive an alert on your smartphone every time it crosses the limits.

movement history

In the app you can check all the movements of your pet in the last year. You’ll be able to see where he’s been this morning, or last month!

activity tracking

You will know how active your dog is. Detect if your pet is getting the necessary exercise.

finPet Mini

GPS Dogs
for all types of dogs
  • GPS and Wi-Fi location
  • Very light , only 20gr
  • Recommended for all types of dogs
  • Battery life 2 to 4 days, depending on use
  • Activity Tracking
  • European coverage
  • Accuracy 5m - 10m
  • IPx6 protection against splashes and rain
  • Silicone cover colour: black
Best seller

finPet Max

GPS Dogs
for medium and large dogs
  • GPS and Wi-Fi location
  • Device weight: only 36g (very light)
  • Recommended for dogs from 10 kg
  • Extraordinary rechargeable battery  1000 mAH, duration from 7 to 14 days, depending on use
  • Activity Tracking
  • European coverage
  • Accuracy 5m - 10m
  • Protection against water IPx7 (immersion 30 min.)
  • Silicone cover colour: black

How does it work

Find your dog easily

Buy a findPet GPS

Buy a findPet GPS locator for your dog. Choose the best for your pet.

Subscribe and activate it

To activate the findPet GPS you must choose your plan and subscribe. We have plans from just €2.99/month.

Download the findPet app

Download our app and locate your dog at all times. Available for Android and IOS.

Never lose your dog

+ Live location with "Live" button

+ Activity monitoring

+ History of positions and routes

+ Color maps with your favorite places (Android)

+ You can create virtual fences or limits, with alarm if they leave or enter

Light, resistant and easy to use

FindPet GPS Features

Monitor your activity

Check if your dog gets the exercise he needs

Route history

Access all the routes of your dog from the last year

virtual fence

You will receive a notice when your pet leaves the marked area

Long duration battery

Battery can last up to two weeks (findPet MAX)