The decision to let the cat leave the house or not does not always depend on the owner. These kittens have their fame earned by escaping for a walk in the surroundings for several hours and even days. Should you allow your cat to go out or do you use all means to keep it at home? This is what the experts say.

The debate between allowing cats to go out for frequent walks or not remains a point of contention between owners and experts in the animal world. But regardless of the decision you make, you will not always be able to prevent their escape.

Should cats leave the house?

Reasons why your cat leaves the house

There are two main reasons why a cat runs away and it is not because it does not feel comfortable at home:

Advantages and disadvantages of allowing your cat to go outside

Cats, despite being pets, still maintain in them the essence of innate hunters. These animals enjoy nature a lot so if you consider that the outside is very dangerous it is important that create a space for your pussy that compensates the needs of its wildest side.

That your cat goes out does not necessarily mean that he is in greater danger than staying at home, this will depend a lot on the surroundings of where you live. However, you should still take precautions with your outdoor cat such as:

If you still don’t decide if you should allow your cat to leave the house or not, there is also the option to walk your cat frequently with a harness as the strap can hurt their necks.

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