At some point we have all heard that cats hate water and it is not an acquired bad reputation but a reality. Next, we will give you several tips to bathe your cat successfully that can be very helpful.

Although it is true that there are some breeds of cats that tolerate more water than others such as the Bengal cat or the Main Coon, as a general rule, cats avoid the shower. If your cat is part of this group, keep reading.

how to bathe your cat

Prepare to bathe your cat

Before putting it in the shower, keep the following in mind:

Play with him

The goal is to tire him out, so he will be more relaxed when you go to bathe him.

Cut your nails before bathing your cat

You can do it a few hours before or the day before, so you will avoid deep scratches in case your cat gets very scared.

Style it when it’s dry

The knots in your hair are easier to remove when dry And if you do it before bathing it, its fur will weigh less, in addition to reassuring it.

During the bath

If it’s your first bath, avoid running the faucet or shower. Fill a bucket or the sink about 10cm with water at room temperature (30 ° c approx.) And place a silicone mat or towel at the bottom where it can hold on and does not slip.

Don’t wet his head, especially his eyes and ears . Start by wetting its paws and then work your way up unless your cat becomes very stressed, in which case it is best to do it quickly by focusing on the areas that are dirty.

If your cat doesn’t tolerate water at all, try sprays or a dry bath. We hope these tips to bathe your cat successfully have been helpful.

You don’t need to take away his FindPet to bathe it as it is waterproof.