GPS devices have been used for many years to locate material goods; but they have been implemented in order to locate pets .

This is due to the high rate of loss and the importance of these for their owners. In this sense, we present below the 10 reasons to use GPS locators for cats :

Security , one of the 10 reasons to use GPS locators for cats

Both for you and your pet, since there is nothing better than knowing where your cat is at all times.

But in any case, even if you don’t know it, you can quickly locate it with a GPS locator for cats like the ones you can get in


Which goes hand in hand with safety, because if you know where to get your pet, you will be calm all day, which translates into fewer worries.


The GPS devices for cats Like the ones of Findpet , they have a battery that lasts between 3 to 7 days, which is great.

So, if by chance your cat strays further than necessary, you can go looking for it without fear that it will turn off.


These GPS for pets They have a wide range of action and you can even configure it to limit how far your cat can go.

Therefore, if it strays more than the account, you will be warned so that you can locate it in time and thus prevent it from getting lost.

According to your needs

You can decide the plan that best suits your needs or your cat, since the companies that provide this type of service such as the GPS locators for cats .

These provide you with different types of plans, which will depend on the dynamics of life and action of your pet, therefore it is part of the 10 reasons to use GPS locators for cats .


In addition to being covered with silicone, Findpet’s cat GPS devices are waterproof.

Consequently, it offers greater safety, since the feline gets wet, it will continue to function in its entirety until the battery runs out.

Location updated and live

One of the 10 reasons to use GPS locators for cats Most importantly, you can monitor where they are at all times.

You will have information and reports of their movements, places they visit, physical activity and location instantly.

Easy drive

It has an App that is configured in an easy way so that you do not have to carry out cumbersome processes that avoid finding your cat.

Dual function , two reasons in one that add up to the 10 reasons to use GPS locators for cats

This is because if you can observe your pet’s daily physical activity, when observing a decrease in it, this may indicate a possible impact on his health.

That is, it also serves to measure the mood of your pet and thus take preventive measures by taking it to a specialist.


The costs of cat locators are low, therefore your budget will not be affected by investing in the safety of your cat.

In addition, it is worth taking the precautions and thus avoid the anguish of arriving home and not finding our faithful companion.

With these 10 reasons to use GPS for cats We hope you dare to protect your pet, do not expect it to touch you, keep in mind that taking care of it now will bring you many benefits.

And if you are one of the people who have lost their pets at some point, you know what we mean.