The despair when you lose your pet from sight is terrible. The first minutes are the most important, so we will share with you all the actions you can take during that crucial moment for an effective search for your pet. Do you already know what to do if your pet gets lost?

Pets are very curious and restless, and no matter how much we take our precautions, at any moment they can get out of hand. The first thing to do is keep calm.

Recommendations in case your pet gets lost

1-GPS tracking

The advantage of having a FindPet GPS is that you can access your pet’s movement record from your mobile and find its current location at any time and place. Follow in their footsteps and find your dog or pussy quickly and effectively.

2-Walk the area where it got lost

Again and again, call him fondly and if you bring one of his favorite toys with you, make it ring, be aware that it may be hidden If he thinks you’re upset with him, he won’t leave where he is. Ask your friends and neighbors for help; and alerts at home in case you find your way back on your own.

3-Report his disappearance

If you put an identification microchip on your pet you will have a great advantage when reporting your disappearance to the local police . Also inform your veterinarian, many share a database among professional colleagues, it will be very helpful to circulate the information.

Now you know what to do if your pet gets lost . Hopefully this is not your case but pets have been found months and even years after their disappearance. Do not lose hope.

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